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Decals preview  - Rocast Digidecals.

October 6th, 2017 - Posted by Guillem


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Finally the decals have arrived from Wessex Transfers and I am very very pleased with the result. It has been some weeks of work that finally shows and I am sure there will be many liveries more in our new catalogue.

The Iberia A320 decals on this sample has been through some minor adjustments thus this is a print test. Decals made so far are: Iberia, Iberia Express, Air France, Air France "Paris 2024", Air France "80 years", Air France "Retrojet" and soon to start Lufthansa. Neo liveries are also to be started.


Airlines with both CFM and IAE engines will include both engine decals in the sheet, some extras like clear cockpit windows with the metallic frame and clear windows with metallic frames as well for the passenger windows matching Zvezda's windows.

There is also an A320 generic decal sheet as well.


I also wanted to show the decals for the belt loader which will include Swissport and Groundforce logos. The galley decals include several color choices for the food carts of the shelf and  metallic colors.


The A320 PW Neo engines include photorealistic pylon decals as well as black/white markings (for different engine colors) and some other metallic details.


I will keep on working with the stock production.


Best wishes,




Updates  - Rocast Digidecals.

October 5th, 2017 - Posted by Guillem


As has been with the latest entries, it has been some time since my last update. Unfortunately today I don't bring photos of the projects but a little bit of information of how are things at the moment.


Resin parts of the cargo loader, AST-1 and catering have been done and I will start the units of the GPU, MA50 and the new carts and belt loader being these items a bit faster to produce together with the 1/200 AST-1.


I am facing some difficulties with a certain material for the PE that has failed to arrive on time and this is also preventing me to completely finish the stock for these models. I had calculated when it should arrive and purchased beforehand, but at this moment I am waiting for a replacement.


Making photo etched parts requires to have some materials that cannot be found near and I have to order overseas. Although I had had a quick look into photo etching companies, I want to keep producing them by myself in order to keep the items with the current prices, regardless the time to produce.


Without the photo etched parts I can't show the finished belt loader and carts and this is really frustrating because I should have done this long ago.


While I am waiting for material to arrive, I do not stop working with the stock production (resin parts) and I have created a new online store which will be online once the stock is finally made.


Regarding the A320 items such as the galleys and cargo holds, they are also going to be casted in resin after the belt loader and the carts so I hope to have the first units soon, but again the same PE problem as all those will include photo etched parts.


A320 PW Neo engines are coming along very well. I wanted to show them two weeks ago, but a problem on the molding has prevented me to do so. The engines are hollow so that the PE fans can be placed inside. I wanted to make the mold to have an one piece engine but had to cut it into two for better casting in the end.


I would like to upload the first photos of the A320Neo engine, but I want to hold this until I receive the decals as they include several details that will bring the engine to life.


Not only I've been working with these things but finally decided to start, in conjunction with my friend Rob at WessexTransfers, a new decal company that hopefully will be well received; Rocast Digidecals.


Our goal is to provide the most detailed, completed and realistic airliner liveries, digitally printed with full opaque colors, multi metallic decals and photo real objects.

I have been designing liveries such as Iberia, Iberia Express and Air France all of them for the A320 which will be our first airliner model prior proceeding to the Neo liveries and then producing for other airplanes.

I hope to give more information when I receive the first prints.



I know the waiting is long, but I hope it will be worth it. Make all those things with detail and with care requires time and patience. I am looking forward to increase my equipment so that I can produce more units a little bit quicker.

I would like to apologize for the delay and will make sure that every item will be worth the wait.


Best wishes,





1/144 belt loader, baggage carts and AKH container.

September 10th, 2017 - Posted by Guillem •  Filed under 1/144 belt loader


Click on the image to go to the project page.



It has been a long time since my last update, too long. However I did not stop working on these models and in this update I would like to explain what is the current status of every project.


I wanted to finish the A320 in order to present some of the items I have prepared for it as well as to show the new GSE with the A320, but the A320 project is on hold till I advance a bit more with the next projects.


- The belt loader is finished, however, PE parts have to be made, although they are already designed. Decals are also designed and despite details, these will also have the Swissport and Groundforce logos.


- The new baggage carts (two types) are finished but PE parts have to be made as well. Design is already done and the PE parts for these carts will consist in the side rails in the case of the opened baggage and in the case of the closed baggage carts, PE will be made for the curtains.


- AKH container (to fit A320's) is completed.


- A320 cargo holds completed.


- A320 galleys completed. As a note on the galleys, I finally decided to include decals for these, more info about them soon.


- A320Neo project:

Sharklets are done and in the casting process.

The PW engine is almost finished and the remaining work has to be done with the PE. Currently in the casting process.


These engines will include a great number of decals and markings, both in black and white colors for the different engine surface colors, detailed pylons and metallic decals.



I would like to announce that the stock process will be started as planned, starting this week and finished till all the 1/144 GSE models are back in stock.

Depending on how much time will be required, the new items may be available shortly after the current models are back in stock.



In a couple of weeks I would like to make an update to the site with the stock process and if everything is ok, with the first photos of the finished A320Neo PW engine.

At the same time I will make an announcement about something that will be added to the catalogue of Rocast that does not have anything to do with the GSE models, it will be a completely new line of products.



Best wishes,




A320 test.

August 7th, 2017 - Posted by Guillem •  Filed under 1/144 A320 galleys




Galleys and doors have been finally tested on the Zvezda's A320. I also took the chance to see how the belt loader will look like with the A320 and I have to say that the cargo door should have been attached a bit more open, in any case, I will include the official drawing on regards the cargo doors opened positions.


Work continues.


Best wishes,




A320 galleys, cargo doors and passenger doors.

August 6th, 2017 - Posted by Guillem •  Filed under 1/144 A320 galleys




Finally I can update the website with some news on regards the A320 items. During the last month I have been working with the A320 galleys (detailing the Zvezda's forward galley and creating an Aft galley. It was a bit tedious process as this part had to fit inside the two fuselage halves. I am planning to make the space flex aft cabin as well.


The cargo doors have been reworked (as they will be opened) and also made the passenger doors practically from scratch as I only used the curvature plastic of the original doors.


I will include some PE in the galleys set as can be seen in the pictures, photo etched parts for the doors inner frame, fwd galley floor, fwd galley curtain, passenger door's threshold, cargo door pins, and a couple other parts.


Hopefully I can cast the cargo holds soon, but these won't be too detailed as there is very limited vision area and their main purpose will be to hold well the AKH containers that I also have to make. That does not mean that I won't detail further cargo bays, as I plan to do for example in the B777-300F set.



Within a couple of days I will upload some photos of the A320 assembled with those parts and will try to connect the belt loader to see if the heights are correct. More progress will be done with the Neo engines as well.


Lastly I would like to announce that a new online store is on the way and it will be uploaded once the GSE items are back in stock. In a few days I will also announce another news.


Best wishes,
















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