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Project news.


July 21st, 2017 - Posted by Guillem


Hello all,


As summer is here, I wanted to write a few lines about the current and up coming projects; both, 1/144 modeling projects for myself and the next 1/144 products.


I am working on a Zvezda A320 (which will wear Vueling colors) for which I am making the PW1100G engines, and I am also using this A320 for future items. One of these items are the galleys and opened doors so that the GSE models can be better adapted to the situation/scenario instead of positioned facing closed doors.


As I have opened all the main doors on the Zvezda's A320, I decided to also open the cargo doors since I am working on the belt loader model.

The opening of the cargo doors lead me to make a basic interior walls to hold what will also be a new item, the AKH containers used for the A320 series.


Parallel to the belt loader, I have made two types of baggage carts that will also include a set of several baggage.

I will post pictures of the galleys and doors once I have advanced a little bit more with them.


One of the future projects on regards the 1/144 models will be the cargo conversion for Zvezda's B777-300ER which will include an opened side cargo door and its compartment. Parallel to this conversion I may start to work on a new cargo loader specially designed to reach the height of side cargo doors and/or nose cargo doors. With this, new bigger pallets and containers will be produced as well.


The current project that it is on pause is the 1/12 B737 cabin, this project is a long term project and I will be working with it from time to time.



The 1/144 GSE models: cargo loader, catering truck and pushback truck will be restocked by mid-end of September hopefully. They will be in stock again but I cannot specify a date as this time there will also be stock to produce these new items as well.

This can also apply to the 1/200 pushback truck.


Best wishes,





1/144 Belt loader progress / A320Neo PW progress.


July 8th, 2017 - Posted by Guillem •  Filed under 1/144 belt loader, 1/144 PW1127G A320Neo, custom projects


It has been quite some time since the last update, but I kept working on the A320Neo engine and also decided to make a new 1/144 GSE model; a belt loader.


This belt loader is still a work in progress and therefore it still lacks of several parts and photo etched parts that will be included in the kit.

As an extra, some baggage will be included as well.


The belt loader was made having in mind the different heights of the different airliners and therefore, the arm has different height positions.


I did not want to make decals for this project as it is a very small one, but I have decided to include them as per the dashboard and I am still considering whether include handler decals or not, comments are welcomed.


Please click on the image to visit the belt loader progress gallery.


At the same time I am finishing the belt loader I am also working on two types of baggage carts which I hope I can photograph soon.





I have also been working  with the A320Neo PW engine which has the main shape done. I will focus the work on the pylon and then design the fan and exhaust parts.


This set will include photo etch parts as well as decals.


So far the work on the engines has been very slow but I expect to advance with it in the next weeks.




On a side note about the stock, the 1/144 cargo loader will remain out of stock till the release date of the 1/144 belt loader which by then I will have a new batch of decals for both models.

Also the 1/200 towbarless truck will be out of stock for about two weeks.


More stock of the 1/144 GSE models will be available upon belt loader release.


Best wishes,























Store news


July 8th, 2017


1/144 cargo loader restock upon belt loader release.


1/200 towbarless pushback truck currently out of stock. To be restocked in two weeks.




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