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Our website has been online since 2005 and its creation was a need to show worldwide our hobby and share it with people with the same enthusiasm all over the world.


We have been showing our models in the past  in some forums such as Automotive Forums (racing motorcycles section) or more recently Armorama and Acercamadera.

Although my personal contribution with projects in Automotive forums was for very few years, my participation in Armorama has also been small, sharing only the two tank models I have made.

More recently with my focus towards the airliner models I sometimes write in Airlinercafe forums.


The passion for modeling begun in my case, when I was a child, thanks to my father and grandfather who showed me since little their fantastic wood ship models and the different kind of techniques.



Since I was eight years old I begun to build plastic kits mostly of racing motorbikes (at the same time observing my father building some military stuff) then in my teenage building some cars and lastly some commercial airplanes before starting to build military models and with the building of the Yamato, also warship models although my first and only battleship was completed back in 1999. There is no focusing in just one topic about modeling but I enjoy building any kind of scale model.



Our home country is Spain and we are located near the Mediterranean sea, hence the liking by grandfather and father towards the different kind of ships.




Summer of 1993.


An old and reformed stable of grandparents home is where we make our models.

The place has changed its distribution during the last 20 years. It was needed to adapt the place according to the new tools and equipments that were acquired over the years and also to the different style of ships.



2011, on  the right side of the image, the RC ship "Earl Sigurd".


Summer of 2013, because of the different constructions, separate and adjustable tables were made in order to work more comfortable. In the end this system was changed again back to one single table.





First exhibition, Summer of 1997

Third exhibition, Summer 1999


Fourth exhibition, August 2003



During the last decade we made friendships with people of our region with the same interest, allowing then the creation of an association (nowadays dissolved) that made possible several exhibitions held in our location as well as in the near biggest city; being these two rooted in the fishing activity, also several naval elements were always present.




RC (Radio Controlled) models stand in 2003 exhibition.

My first battleship (USS Missouri) built back in 1999




1995, Uncle on the right side and me on the left side, both radio controlling the replicas of real trawler ships "Tortosina" and tug ship named "Poblet".




April 1999, radio controlled ship "Poblet"













Although grandfather only built radio controlled ships in the past in just few occasions, father liked always to build radio controlled ship models.

Most of these creations are builds based on a blueprint instead of a kit although this is a technique that has changed during the last years due the different brands producing these kits, however the creation of radio controlled ships by using blueprints is still in use. One of the major differences between blueprint ships and kit ships is that creating a ship by blueprint you begin from point zero while ship kits usually have a pre built hull and include all the parts needed for its construction.



Some of the older inspirations for radio controlled ships have been the trawling boats of the Mediterranean sea as well as tug boats. In the latter years ships such as Smith Rotterdam, PT 171 and Riva Aquarama (all from kit) were built with the possibility of being radio controllable.


Inside the radio controlled ships category we can find different kind of ships.



Two replicas of real trawling boats  in 1/16 scale radio controlled exposed in the fishing district museum.

Above ship "Tortosina" made by Guillermo Roca.

Below ship "Antoni de la Creu" made by José Oliete.

Both models built in 1996.




2001, on the left side the cargo ship "Earl Sigurd" made by grandfather, in the middle another cargo ship (newer in time than Earl Sigurd) named "Holstentor" created by our deceased Belgium friend Henry Eeckels. Both ships made from blueprints.

On the right side a kit made built by father, a tug ship named "Tenaz".


2001, grandfather preparing the ship "Thalasa".






Different kind of RC ships have been created during the years, at the beginning making bigger and heavier RC ships and in the later years creating RC ships of a smaller size and a more fine work with the wood.






Photo taken in 2001, in the background the port of Tarragona city with the trawling boats.

In front and from left to right, Henry Eeckels, a friend of mine, my grandfather and me.





In the latest years we haven't used RC ships so often as before, however father still makes RC ships from time to time; one of his last creations is a Majorcan fishing ship.



2014, this is the moment when the ships meets the water for the first time. Weight adjustments are sometimes needed.







There are not many places to navigate with the RC ships, however an old reservoir of a field is the perfect place to test the ships. Practically all the times we navigate the RC ships, we do in lakes, or bigger fountains from our near city, only navigating them in few and special occasions.















Although several radio controlled ships have been created during these years, the tendency has always been to create more static or display models than RC ships.


Some of the ships that have been built vary from ships of the 1700's to the last decade.



The process of adding the different cords in the ship is complex and long.

2003, Here grandfather is adding the cords to the "Endeavour".







2003, model kit Riva Aquarama built by father.








2013, me building the battleship Yamato.





One of the later bigger creations of father is this replica ship of the Royal Clipper, started in 2010 and finished in 2013. Although its big size, it is not a radio controllable ship. Its measures are:  1,80m long and 1m high.


The construction of these models are difficult, because like in the trawling boats created in 1996, there are no blueprints or kits made of these ships so it required the use of a similar blueprint and build the ship by reference photos.

Here it was transported to uncle's home.





Nowadays the use of the photo etched parts allows the detailing of battleships, battle cruisers and other civil ships made from plastic kits. The market is wide with a lot of variety and sizes.

For that I think that in the future more plastic models will be built and leaving the hard work with wood to a (at least) one model per year and/or constructing both styles at the same time.


Never abandoning our passion for modeling, ships are not the only subject as more and more often father builds military stuff such as tanks besides the wood and plastic ships.

From my part, my favorite subjects are tanks in 1/35 or 1/72 scale, passenger airplanes in 1/200 or 1/144 scale, 1/350 or 1/700 battleships and since long time ago, 1/12 scale motorcycles. Abandoning a little bit the motorcycles in 1/12 scale, which is ironic as the beginning of this website was to focus in that subject, but years change and modeling tastes do as well. At this present time being it the beginning of 2017, the subjects I focus more often one are; the 1/200 and 1/144 airliners and even though I only made a few, the 1/35 tanks, just leaving the 1/350 battleships to that special project I have started along time ago.


Till our beginnings, trying to enjoy of this amazing hobby,





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