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Update on the A320Neo PW engines and stock condition.


December 10th, 2017 - Posted by Guillem




It has been some time since I last uploaded news regarding the A320Neo PW engines. A long hard way to make them but I am finally able to advance more with them.


I had issues making the panel lines and finally found a way to make them, in the above photo it can be seen that so far only the rear cowling line is made, still some work to do such as modify the pylon and the outer ring. The white thicker line is actually putty from having assembled both halves from a previous cast.

I am hoping to cast the engine in one single piece as seen in the photo (exhaust to be attached separately) in order to avoid problems when assembling both halves as this engine is quite round.


Sharklets have been readjusted afterwards my Iberia A320 build.


At this time I am making the photo etched parts for the GSE items (as well as for the new GSE items and A320 details). The new online store is practically ready and this time besides the International certified shipping, the International Priority shipping will also be offered to those countries that have this service available (this is according to the Spanish postal services).


Best wishes,




Stock items on the way.


November 30th, 2017 - Posted by Guillem



At the present time I am starting to prepare the photo etched parts for the GSE models and will also proceed to clean the resin excess from some of these that need it as most resin parts for the GSE models are done.


The packaging process will start afterwards. Although there may not be many units at the beginning, there will be a continuous production for those items that may be out of stock.


I also hope to update the website soon regarding the A320Neo PW engines as they are more advanced since the last update. I am currently fixing the panel lines and also fixing the sharklets as well.


Best wishes,



Coming back progressively.


November 22nd, 2017 - Posted by Guillem



It has been over a month since my last entry on the blog and although I am still on the way to get myself back, I am doing my best to produce the newest GSE models and during the time I was able to finish a build to show these items as well as the new decals that will also be available soon. I am currently continuing preparing stock units.


A new period must be started and I know it will take some time. I want to thank every body that has given me their support and I wish to go on making what makes me happy.


Best wishes,
































Inactivity of the Website and closure of the store indefinitely.

October 22nd, 2017 - Posted by Guillem


Due personal reasons I will set aside the website, blog, stock, items and store for an undefined period of time. It happens to all of us in our life that situations make some things harder to handle and I find myself unable to continue with the models at this moment, and although I wish to come back in the future, maybe in the next year, at this moment I require a rest.


Thank you all for the understanding and the support.


Best wishes,




Decals preview  - Rocast Digidecals.

October 6th, 2017 - Posted by Guillem


Click on the images to open them in bigger size.







Finally the decals have arrived from Wessex Transfers and I am very very pleased with the result. It has been some weeks of work that finally shows and I am sure there will be many liveries more in our new catalogue.

The Iberia A320 decals on this sample has been through some minor adjustments thus this is a print test. Decals made so far are: Iberia, Iberia Express, Air France, Air France "Paris 2024", Air France "80 years", Air France "Retrojet" and soon to start Lufthansa. Neo liveries are also to be started.


Airlines with both CFM and IAE engines will include both engine decals in the sheet, some extras like clear cockpit windows with the metallic frame and clear windows with metallic frames as well for the passenger windows matching Zvezda's windows.

There is also an A320 generic decal sheet as well.


I also wanted to show the decals for the belt loader which will include Swissport and Groundforce logos. The galley decals include several color choices for the food carts of the shelf and  metallic colors.


The A320 PW Neo engines include photorealistic pylon decals as well as black/white markings (for different engine colors) and some other metallic details.


I will keep on working with the stock production.


Best wishes,

















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