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B737NG Cockpit progress.


February 25th, 2018 - Posted by Guillem


Hi all,


A few days ago I was contacted by a visitor, (thanks Harry!) on regards the B737NG cockpit project. I did advance with it a few days before my returning to the modeling and it was really a project that helped me get back on track.


Today I would like to post the progress that I did a few months ago and also would like to mention that whenever possible, I would like to advance with this weekend after weekend hoping that some day I will finish it. As it is a big project, I will be doing parts by sections.


Of course, this is just the basic shape, the MIP still misses a lot of things, all the buttons, the screws etc etc. I am also doing the different options for the different MIP sections.



(click on the image below to go to the project page)


The cockpit project aside, I am still preparing units as well as remaking molds that have became damaged. The new website is currently finished still pending the tests to be done and stock to be finished prior I set it online.


On the other hand I am currently starting decals for the A350 which will be the second model after the A320 for which I still design liveries.


It is still pending to upload photos of the WiFi radome I mentioned in my previous entry, so I am hoping to do so in due time.


Best wishes,




A320/A321 sharklets.


February 18th, 2018 - Posted by Guillem


Hi guys,


Recently I have been told that the sharklets that I made alongside the Neo engines were incorrect, short, curvy etc. So I decided to take a look into it a bit deeper and I made a new pair of sharklets.


I have carefully taken a look at Airbus measurements, drawings, profile pictures etc, and I tried my best to make those as accurate as possible, so I saved several profile pictures and I vector-draw the main sharklet shape, afterwards, I reduced the dimensions to scale and made the sharklet shape, guiding myself with a profiled-shaped wood block.


This time, the sharklets have an edge mark, so that it can be easier to paint or in the case of our livery decals, to apply them on top more precisely.


As I've been working with the new sharklets, I also made the WiFi antenna radome, which I hope to post pictures of it during this week. I made the radome of the Honeywell FMA version which from what I've seen, it is often used on the small Airbus family by Lufthansa, Germanwings etc, later, I would like to do the Fly-Fi that is used on Jet Blue aircafts and that it's a slightly differently shaped than the Honeywell.




The new online store is basically finished, but as I've been busy with the sharklets, decals and new molds, I still have to test it properly.


I've designed new liveries for the A320 family and recently got new airliner kits; the 777-300, 737-800, 747-8F, A350 so expect some stuff to be done for these; specially decal liveries, the 777-300F conversion with the cargo bay and the side cargo door and the 747-8F with the side cargo door/nose door/cargo bay.


Those are projects that will be done later as I would really like to make the LEAP 1A engines next.


I had to make a couple of new molds of the catering truck as the old ones were already showing a sign of wrinkles due the prolonged use, so this and the correction of the sharklets has taken me some time from the stock making.


I can't specify a date for when all the items will be available again, but I am taking the time into making things as best as possible, and the 1/144 AST-1 will also require new molds, so this may take me just a bit more time.

I am also seeking for more equipment to make things a little bit faster, as I spend an average time of 3 hours per catering model.


I will keep the site up to date regularly.


Best wishes,




A320Neo PW1127G mounted - store process.


February 11th, 2018 - Posted by Guillem


Hello everybody,


Finally I was able to attach the engines to the A320 model and see how it look like. I have tried my best to keep dimensions as accurate as  possible, and the engine to floor measurement has also been taken into account. Diameter of the engine has also been double checked.


The work with the photo etched has also been fixed, note that in the photos, the old PE was used, currently the fan blades join better to the center. I will soon start to make the first units of these engines alongside the other elements that are currently out of stock.





Time has to be divided between the engines, the stock and the online store but the online store may be opened during the next week.

Here is a little screenshot of the store front:



This new online store will have the livery decals included therefore there is no need for the customer to register into two different websites.

This presented the difficulty at first because the decals are shipped from a different location, thus some work had to be done to include different carriers and shipping options for the products.


Hope all goes well.


Best wishes,




New host, new domain, new ecommerce.


February 5th, 2018 - Posted by Guillem


Hello all,


Seeing the problems I was having with the PayPal module on the older ecommerce platform, I choose to do a completely fresh start.

I purchased a new domain, a new host, and installed a new ecommerce platform.


Currently the new store is being configured, categories and products being added and hopefully the decals and the models can be sold from the same store, meaning that no multiple registrations are needed.


There is still some work ahead, it is a new ecommerce platform that has some new options I never tried before, but I will test the store functionality completely prior its official opening.


Best wishes,



PayPal shipping miscalculations persist.


February 3rd, 2018 - Posted by Guillem


Hello all,


Despite the tests that have been done with the online stores, it seems that PayPal still miscalculates the shipping costs upon payment in some occasions. Tried to change to USD as it seems the problem does not occur with this currency, however prices changed to 0.


All these problems are inconceivable, therefore I will definitely change to another platform immediately.

I feel very upset and disappointed about this, specially due all the time wasted and the problems while shopping, I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused and I will definitely change to a different platform right now.


Best wishes,



A320Neo PW engines completed - Stores reopened.


February 2nd, 2018 - Posted by Guillem


Hello everybody,


Finally the PW1127G engines for the A320 are done!


It has taken me a very, very long time. As they were made totally scratch built, I had to make five molds for each stage of creation as I could not go back in case of messing up the master part, no undo button.


The molding has also been a little headache as the easiest way was to separate the cowling into two, but that presented the problem to perfectly match both halves and it was really difficult to achieve this in such round engine.


Finally I choose to cast the whole engine as one part, and made one of the most complex molds I ever had to make. This will avoid having to match both halves, the need to use putty in such process and to avoid modifying the shape of the round engine by accident while sanding the putty for the union.













Also the online stores are now back and operative, although most of the small quantities of stock I had in the first opening were sold out. I will be preparing more units in the next days and uploading progressively in the store.

The aircraft liveries store is also finally open.


At first some tests indicated that the old PayPal module wasn't functioning properly and producing errors calculating order totals, an update of this module and more complete setup appears to have solved the problems, nevertheless if somebody finds errors while shopping, please write me a message.


The Neo engines will go now through the preparation process as instructions have to be designed and later the first units will be made.

But prior that, I will fine tune the photo etch (for example, make the engine's sharklets to have a curved base to fit on the curved engine).

I will also be making a Lufthansa finished version of these engines with the included decal set.


Thank you all for the interest and hopefully I can start the Leap version soon.


Best wishes,




Working on the stores.


January 24th, 2018 - Posted by Guillem


Hello all,


After the problems I had with the ecommerce and their PayPal modules, I decided to seek for alternatives and finally found a different platform.

Making such stores may seem simple and lots of places show you how to make an online store in 10 minutes, but the reality is different as in most cases, depending on the host, you need to give permissions, manage codes, and solve errors that may appear on the way, so I am currently working with my host, the ecommerce platform and PayPal in order to make the stores fully functional.


There are still several things to configure, to test. I wish to make this new online store possible as it is a bit more modern than the previous one, but if I can't make it work I will use the previous version with a possible solution of the PayPal module.


All of this takes time and all I want is to just have a simple store where my items can be purchased from, I am not seeking for a website with lots of flourishes etc. I want to focus on making these items and deliver them to you in the easiest, quickest and safest way.


I will keep the website updated with news on regarding the store process and also work in the next stock units.


My sincere apologies for all these troubles and the long time that this takes, I hope for your understanding.


Best wishes,




Coming back progressively.


November 22nd, 2017 - Posted by Guillem



It has been over a month since my last entry on the blog and although I am still on the way to get myself back, I am doing my best to produce the newest GSE models and during the time I was able to finish a build to show these items as well as the new decals that will also be available soon. I am currently continuing preparing stock units.


A new period must be started and I know it will take some time. I want to thank every body that has given me their support and I wish to go on making what makes me happy.


Best wishes,














































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