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Wessex Transfers decals review


March 3, 2017 - Posted by Guillem  •  Filed under Reviews

Some time ago when I started to make the ground service models for the 1/144 airplanes I felt that these models needed something that could make them more complete and realistic.

There has been always a limitation to produce high quality decals for me and so far I made them in a homemade level for myself but without being able to achieve small details and without being able to print white color, thus not being able to provide good decals to the customers.

After a quick search on Internet I found many users offering printing services using the Alps printer but searching just a little bit more, a printing service caught my attention for their professional website and for using a more advanced system than those from the old Alps printer.

Wessex Transfers was the first of the list I would inquire about and decided to write them regarding their decals service and very kindly I received their reply the very next day.

The company is based in Australia and... (read more).












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