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Wessex Transfers decals review


March 3, 2017 - Posted by Guillem  •  Filed under Reviews


Some time ago when I started to make the ground service models for the 1/144 airplanes I felt that these models needed something that could make them more complete and realistic.

There has been always a limitation to produce high quality decals for me and so far I made them in a homemade level for myself but without being able to achieve small details and without being able to print white color, thus not being able to provide good decals to the customers.

After a quick search on Internet I found many users offering printing services using the Alps printer but searching just a little bit more, a printing service caught my attention for their professional website and for using a more advanced system than those from the old Alps printer.

Wessex Transfers was the first of the list I would inquire about and decided to write them regarding their decals service and very kindly I received their reply the very next day.

The company is based in Australia and at this point I have to say that, if you live far away, shipping won’t be a problem as it roughly takes only 10 days to arrive to Spain in my case using standard shipping amongst other options offered such as insurance.

Robert from Wessex Transfers has also provided guidance while designing the decals with both PDF files and explanations that have helped me to design the decals that nowadays you can use with the models of the store.

About the decals service:

One of the strongest points for me and small business in general at first is that there is no minimum order quantity; the relation quality/price/service is unbeatable, even if you have only one project for which decals aren’t available, it is worth the print as you can make your desired design (including metal colors if you like) for your model.

As stated on Wessex Transfers website, the whites are fully opaque as are the colors, I have proved that with the catering truck by placing the yellow stripes on the black surface and not only the colors are fully opaque but the detail his Roland printer can achieve is outstanding.

Here is close up example; the letter “a” from “a gategroup member” is 0,57mm tall and 0,48mm wide.




Above is another example of how small and still these readable letters are so you can get an idea of what you can achieve.

Applying the decals:

These decals printed digitally are not very different than those found in long run kits, they need to be cut, placed in water and then removed from the base paper and applied on the model.

The small difference between the screen printed decals and the digitally printed decals is that the coating agent is placed onto the full decal instead of on every particular item of the decal as performed in the highly cost screen printing services, but as I show in below photo, this is not a problem if you cut properly along the design:




In this particular case, these green leafs are not a vector design, but a part of an image meaning that not only you can print using vectors, but you can also print bitmaps maintaining a high quality finish.



The decal itself is thin enough for it to adapt perfectly to the surfaces but strong enough to be manipulated onto position and after applying the decal softener and the clear coat to seal the decals; the edging is no longer visible.

I have used many decals from several brands in the past, such as Cartograf (for Tamiya kits), Hobbyboss, Revell, Italeri… and I found that the decals printed by Wessex Transfers, being those digitally printed, are at the level of these mass producing kit brands and in my experience, they allowed me an excellent decal placement being these thinner but yet stronger than some others I tried before.
It is important to notice that for best results, the surface must be clear coated and shinny as this rule also applies in all decals in general.


You have a small (or big) business for which items are lacking decals? You are a computer artist and like do design decals for trains, liveries for airplanes, cars, bikes… and would like to create your own commerce? You have a dream project but the lack of decals is stopping you?

I would suggest contacting Robert at Wessex Transfers as I had a great experience designing the decals and having made these come true, I have learned more about the decal design with software such as Corel Draw and have been helped any time I needed.

There is no minimum quantity limit, thus even if you have only one project for which decals are needed, the result is worth it.

I would like to finish this review with an image to illustrate the realism that the decals can give to your models and that if like me, you are a modeler who always wanted to have their own decals printed in a model maker standard at a best price; it is finally a dream came true.















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